Manual of Style for Loki Clock

A list of specific stylistic characteristics relevant to the complete Loki Clock experience.


Spelling, Grammar Conventions

It is a little known fact that I almost always spell Loki Clock with a space in-between the two parts of the name, as if Clock were a last name. This differs from the typical compounding of the words, as in names like GoldenClock or MonkeyClock.

Associated Typefaces

When you aim to choose an individual typeface to represent characters, with Loki Clock amongst them, note that for this purpose I often use Wanted, when I have it, which is a variant on the cleaner Playbill. Both are designed by Robert Harling. Other wanted poster styled typefaces may be suitable if you cannot obtain these, or you can always pick an unrelated typeface.

This website uses Baskerville as it's primary typeface. It is a transitional typeface, meaning it's a serif typeface stylistically in-between renaissance-era, or "Antiqua" typefaces, and modern, or "Didone" ones.

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