2/10/08 - 7/15/09

Grand Opening

2/10/08 -
New site up, now. I neglected the old one for about a year and a half, and only actually maintained THAT one for about 4 1/2 months before giving up completely. Hopefully www.lokiclock.com/ will fare better.

More Flash

6/24/08 -
Added a whole bunch of flash and it's STILL not all, because apparently I made so much spam in 2006 I don't even remember half of it and still don't know if I have all of it. I wish you could search the obituaries by author. Also, it's my sister's birthday today, so celebrations are to be afoot for good reason!

More Still

6/26/08 -
Lots more flash have now been added. There are ten left I have to upload that are hosted on Newgrounds, but after that there may still be some left I have not found. At least all my flash from this year up until the time of this posting have been uploaded.

No More Filler Pages

9/4/08 -
There are no more dead links on the Digital Drawings directory and many other pages on the site, as I have finally put real pages in their place! Plus, some old content is up, now. There are still a few pages left to add, but at least if you can click on a link it won't take you to the 404 or a filler page.

Hey Ho It's an Update

10/14/08 -
Haven't made a news post in a while, so I figure I'd make a gratuitous one. I have added since the last post various things, most recently being a "Manual of Style". This manual will be added on to over time, listing details like names of theme songs or typefaces frequently used to represent the character.

Arthur Schoenig

11/22/08 -
Hi there. I just wanted to note that I have made a website for Arthur Schoenig, a local metal sculptor. Check out the pictures of his work, and please send me comments and criticism on the design. The url is http://www.artschoenig.com/.


1/10/09 -
First flash of 2009! Check it out in the flash movies section.


6/25/09 -
CHECK IT CHECK IT up there in the Info section I added one o' them Web 2.0 RSS dongles. NOW YOU CAN READ MY BLOG!!!!!!!!!!! As well, as you may have noticed, new color scheme!

New 4D Johnson Material

7/6/09 -
I've updated the Johnson 4D page, creating a render and video of another shape.

4D Johnson Explanation

7/15/09 -
Another Johnson 4D update, this time text explaining the process of making the analogues. In other news, today I found that someone added a hypercupolae section to Wikipedia! For those of you who want to see the cubic and octahedral cupolae (which I have not made renders of), the constructions listed are the same as mine, and they do have renders for the tetrahedral, cubic, and octahedral cupolae. They do not have a render of the dodecahedral cupola yet, but the cell counts are indeed the same as from my notes.

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