Loki Clock is an animator, musician, illustrator, programmer, and artist in general. Many of his works are of poor quality and aim to shock or discomfort.

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Stern Gentleman Removed

8/27/10 -
This morning, I received a notice that The Stern Gentleman has been pulled from Newgrounds. Normally this is supposed to occur when a submission breaks one of 6 reasonable rules that pertain to things like hate speech, porn film embeds (i.e. not works of animation), or malware. In practice, however, these rules can be construed to support the removal of any flash that causes a moderator's esophagus to scar under the influence of a stampede of bile that never seems to end. Thus, The Stern Gentleman has become a lokiclock.com exclusive! Enjoy.

The named party

Loquat pre-alpha released!

7/30/10 -
The TTS I wrote about for around around 1 1/2 months has finally reached its first release under the title "Loquat." This is also the first release of any program of mine. This release is only available for my development platform - Intel (Snow) Leopard - but I plan to expand that as the program develops and as opportunities for testing on other platforms are secured. A webpage for the program will be added soon.

Disclaimer: Pre-alpha means that the program is a highly unstable sketch of the program-to-be. Use at your own risk.

Loquat pre-alpha - Snow Leopard

Warning: If the Snow Leopard version is risky, the Leopard version even more so. I do not have a working machine running Leopard. I hear from a reliable source that the program runs.

Loquat pre-alpha - Intel Leopard

TTS Project Journal

4/23/10 -
Now, programming takes a while. Programming also generally entails longer projects, which may never even be finished. As a result of never "finishing" programs so much as playing with their guts and always keeping them in a hands-on state, I've only here published a couple classes I've made and find frequent use for. Another fact you may have inferred from previous news posts is that not posting code while only programming means a website not overburdened by updates or this "content" that seems to create the traffic that, I am told, determines the success of a website. So, taking a cue from the author of a one Texture Synthesis diary, I have started a journal for one of my projects, a link to the first entry of which you can find below. The journal's index is found under Text > Programming.

TTS Project Journal: Overview


4/12/10 -
So it's obvious by now that Tviſty_Bꝛoþel will not be forthcoming, and so I have released the soundtrack as far as it was finished. You can find it on the music page (which has been partially organized) in a handy dandy FLAC format.


1/6/10 -
I just resectioned the site. Two top-level categories stricken, one added. C++ code is now under text/programming. The SillyPuttyClock projector and Chaos Game applet are now orphaned. Without the C++ they represent the sole content of their categories, both of which were top-level, and they are likely to remain so isolated. The "other" category, on the other hand, is plenty likely to acquire new subcategories beyond the orphans page.

New Slightly Old Music

1/6/10 -
Somehow I got it in my head that I should save up a bunch of music and release an album, but then I remembered that nobody does that anymore. Here's a song I finished on, if the file date lies not, 12/20.

Triangle Learning

New Year, if that even is your real name

1/3/10 -
I am quite busy with various projects, including Tviſty_Bꝛoþel. This is the cause of the delays in updating things. But here, now, is a big 'ole content dump for my loyal fans (no one):

01022010 (Animation)
01022010 (Music)
I Can Tell the Time All Day Theme
Loki Clock Finds God Theme
Loki Clock Finds God Speech

Progress Report

10/18/09 -
I have not been adding much to the site lately, as I have been all busy with Tviſty_Bꝛoþel. But never fear! I am still here, Loki Clock, alive and well. And with a new animation, plus its music and that of Stress and High Tone. Enjoy over a coffee!

The Stern Gentleman (Animation)
The Stern Gentleman (Music)
Fuckin' Music


8/15/09 -
Fun festivities for all! Plus four drawings I was too lazy to put up.

SBC Postpones Moose
Lively StrawberryClock
Daily NightmareClock
Daily SpongeClockSquarePants

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